Kydex Glock Holsters was started by a few law enforcement guys who transitioned into the Private Protection industry focused on Executive and Corporate Protection as well as instructing good and lawful citizens in use of force and the craft of Handgun skills for self defense. Often times close protection requires blending into the clients environment. So proper concealment of your “working tools” is important. This is where the issues began. The issue of close concealment and affordability. So we began our own quest of creating the most effective and affordable concealment gear for both professionals and everyday law abiding citizens….And lefties dammit!  We are also avid Glock enthusiasts. The track record and professional employment of the Glock weapon systems by law enforcement and militaries worldwide speak for its self. We are so “Team Glock” that we bet the house on Glock perfection and Kydex Glock Holsters was born!  So whether you’re a professional who carries for a living or a citizen who has taken the responsibility of protecting the rights and safety of you and those you love, let us make the gear you need to get it done.

Thanks. KGH.